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I've been feeling a little lost lately, like I'm in a bit of a… 
31st-Mar-2011 10:46 am
Little bat
I've been feeling a little lost lately, like I'm in a bit of a rut.  I'm stuck in a plateau on Weight Watchers, the newness of school has worn off and now it just feels like forever until I can start looking for jobs I actually want to have, and it feels like every time I start a project I either lose interest or it just falls by the wayside.  So.  I've implemented some new procedures, because I'm SUCH a Taurean that I need stability in my life, not this wavering earth shit.

- I'm making myself track points again, and I promised myself that I'm not skipping any more WW meetings or weigh-ins just because I'm sure I won't like the number on the scale.  At some point I stopped participating in the program, which means it hasn't been working - so I have to make myself participate again.  My mom and I rededicated ourselves on Monday, and so far I feel good about this week.

- I am putting something on my blog at least once a week, because seeing how many hits I get after a post makes me feel good about it.  I feel like people actually care about what I'm saying, even if they're only going to laugh at how terrible my writing is.

- I'm entering a writing contest that Columbia is holding.  I'm working on a short story, and actually plugging along - I feel good about this one in a way I haven't felt about my writing in a while.  I think my problem has been scope; I envision these novel-length works, when the reality is that I have too much going on in my life right now to dedicate myself to a novel.  Finishing a short story will be good for sparking my enthusiasm for writing again, I think.  Plus if I win, I get $1,000, and that would be AWESOME.

- I haven't been doing so good on my hobbying, so I entered a painting/display contest at the Games Workshop.  The contest is on June 25th, so I have a deadline to get my models together.  I'm still not seeing the kind of progress I would prefer, but it's moving faster than my previously glacially-paced work.  I'm still feeling good about it.

- Maybe you haven't heard, but daffodelias and I are starting a book club.  The first read-along starts tomorrow, in fact!  Check it out at thosebooks .  This is tremendously exciting for me, not just because I'll get to read more, but because it keeps me talking to people I don't get to see every day.  I miss you guys, it's true, and  I'm trying to be better about keeping in touch with y'all.

- As far as school goes, I really need to just suck it up and get over it.  My program is not that long.  I'm combating ennui by getting through homework and planning my summer school schedule, and also by sticking with the volunteering.  As inconvenient as it is to keep in my schedule, it keeps me in the heads of the library staff at the OPPL and keeps me involved in the library comings-and-goings.  And it is only a two year program.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying my every day life.  I really, really wish the weather would get warmer, but the sunshine is nice regardless.
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