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Some Stuff 
4th-May-2011 10:06 am
Blue headed bird
I have some things to tell you!

First, I spent last weekend in New Orleans with Billy and my parents.  We went down for the first weekend of Jazz Fest, and it was SO AWESOME.  Seriously, I can't really articulate how much fun I had, or how good the music was, or how delicious the food was.  Even the food at the fairgrounds, which I would normally expect to be only ok, was good enough that I would not have been disappointed to eat it at a cafe.


- Mumford & Sons on Friday.  I am new to them, but I love the jangly guitar sounds they use.  Also the crowd was super amped, which always makes for a fun show, so even though I felt like I might melt from heatstroke (this is when I burned my nose so bad) the show was energizing and fun.
- Gator po' boys.  Everyone should eat a reptile at some point in their lives.
- Muffaletta sandwiches, also known as HOLY SHIT SO MUCH SANDWICH.  It's like an Italian sub on crack, only the bread is better.  (Billy and I split one that was the size of my head, at this really lovely and kind of shady pub restaurant called the Napoleon House.)
- Red beans and riiiiiiiiiiice.  I like the boxed stuff a whole lot, and the homemade kind is EVEN BETTER.  Also BEIGNETS.  OH MY GOODNESS.  All the powdered sugar in the world went on mine, too.
- Bon Jovi was in fine form, leaping around the stage and making faces at the audience. 
- There was too much good music on Sunday to pick a favorite, but it was The Decemberists.  Also I discovered that I really like zydeco music, which is probably not shocking to anyone who knows me.
- I would eat jambalaya every day.  I should learn how to make it - the stuff I got at the fest was really simple, just cajun dirty rice with chicken and sausage and a bayleaf, and I probably could have eaten three pounds of it.
- I have found the weirdest place on Earth, and it is the Mardi Gras museum.

This one needs more than a bullet point: on Saturday, we had dinner at a restaurant called Bacchanal, which is a.) the best name for a restaurant and b.) the strangest place I have ever eaten.  We walked in to what looked like a shady liquor store, where they informed us we could pick out our wine and they would provide us with glasses, and we could select some cheeses which they would plate for us and then bring out to the dining area in the back.  So my mom picked out the cheeses and my dad picked out the wine and Billy and I went to find a table...in an outdoor area that looked like someone's back yard.  None of the tables or chairs matched anything, and we ended up at a bare particle board table with a mismatched set of plastic lawn chairs.  They brought us our cheese on a metal platter with a heap of little toasts, and the wine in a plastic bucket.  There were tiki torches for lighting and a barbecue in the back if you wanted more substantial food.  At the end we got some chocolate on paper plates.

It was pretty much the most hilarious dining experience ever, and a surprisingly good time.

I loved New Orleans.  LOVED IT.  I want to go back a hundred times.  I want to compose poems to the city, even though I know after a night of binge drinking on Bourbon Street and terrible decisions it would never call me back in the morning.  I want to spend days walking around the French Quarter and buying questionable art.  I want to stand in a three hour line to have beignets at the Cafe du Monde.  I want to find the best po' boy in the city.  I want to drink Pimms cups every night.

Any way.  Other things! 

I'm done with my first semester at Dominican and I think it went pretty well!  I'm looking forward to my summer classes, although I wish I got a bit of time in between (my first one starts next Monday).  There were lots of summer internships that I really would have loved to apply for, but at the moment I just can't spend that much time not at my full time job.  Next summer, though - next summer it will be much more feasible!  

And you should all go join my and daffodelias ' comm thosebooks , because we're reading Artemis Fowl this month and it is the Best Thing.

Sunday is also my birthday.  And mother's day!  I will be 24, which my mom is apparently having difficulties with.  I'm saving mine for when I turn 25.
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