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Life life life 
20th-Jun-2011 10:43 am
Happy face
Stuff in my life is pretty much awesome, so I thought it'd be a good time to update my LJ.

I'm almost done with my first summer school class, after which I will be done with my core classes and can start taking the good stuff.  I'm on track to graduate a year from this winter, which is both thrilling and terrifying - but mostly AWESOME.  I'm still volunteering at the OPPL, and they love me.  The entire children's department staff was super disappointed when I said I couldn't apply for one of the summer reading program internships, which means I'll have an even better chance of getting the position next summer when I can reduce my hours at the law firm to part time more easily.

I got a new phone on Friday!  The screen on my old one totally died - it had been flickering on and off for a while, going red and/or pixelated, and then it just...went white.  I could get calls, and presumably text messages, but since I couldn't see anything on the screen I couldn't send or make calls which really sucked, I felt horribly disconnected.  But now I have a shiny new smartphone, and a new contract with T-Mobile, and it's pretty much the best thing.  I can finally play Words with Friends!  (My name is magicalmartha, hit me up.)

My blog is doing pretty well, too, I actually get comments from people I don't know IRL and I've got almost 3k page hits.  I imagine it helps now that I'm posting more often than once every other month.  (Shameless plug time, click here to read!)

My parents are leaving to visit and then retrieve my sister from Australia on Thursday, so I'm house-sitting for them for two weeks.  I kinda wish I could go, but a.) I can't afford it and b.) I don't want to take off that many vacation days, so I'm not too disappointed.  Plus I appreciate that I won't have to pay for my own food or fight another tenant for the laundry machines for two whole weeks. 
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